Mar. 5th.05 Updade:

Yeah I know...  Unfortunately Real Life has kinda caught up with me right now...

The next tentacle attack WILL happen... (cant't tell you when right now though...)

Stay tuned.....

Old news below

This is it folks.

Those spinless bastards at Yahoo! can suck it for all that I care.

About what happehend:

After some investigation it seemed that a former group member of "Tentacle Attacks" wrote to the Yahoo! support team and told them what a bunch of mean people we apparently were.

Of course Yahoo! dealt with the matter in the way they always do this:

They simply deleted the group along with the accounts of the moderators and

owners without even looking at the whole case. Ok fine... as many of you know,

this is the common reaction of Yahoo! and I'm sick of it. Of course they can do what they want

as this is a free service. But from now on, they can do it without me.... gah...

So if whoever is responsible for all this reads this: You can pat yourself on the shoulder pal! No really.  You've just pissed off well over 1700 people.

So go whack off at the thought.

I hope you enjoy Tentacle stuff, and I also hope for you that you know as well as we where to get the good stuff because

you won't get any here anylonger for obvious reasons. Bummer huh?


I'd like to thank every single member of this great community. You guys were all very fun to be with and I greatly enjoyed this

but I also hope that you understand that I won't give Yahoo! another chance to destroy a perfectly working community (again).

I'll work something out, and when I actually come up with something, you can be sure to read it here.

Till then fellow tentacle fans,



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